caveGEOmap is a MATLAB® written code for educational purposes developed by the Applied Mathematics Research Laboratory at the University of Puerto Rico at Arecibo (UPRA). Developed by the Department of Mathematics in collaboration with the Physics-Chemistry Department, caveGEOmap uses cave measurements to create 2-D and 3-D maps of a cave with minimal user work. Data is collected using standard digital laser distance measurer, clinometer and a compass and the measurements are treated as data points from a two variable piece-wise function that are then used to interpolate the cave surface. As a user friendly cave mapping software, caveGEOmap evaluates the given measurements using spatial analysis and uses the data itself to estimate the necessary variables to produce the 2-D and 3-D cave maps.

Matos Cave:

3D Cave


Cloud Form

Vector Form

Lopez Cave:

Cross Section

Cave Station

3D Floor

Top View

User Guides


Disclamer: caveGEOmap is intended for non-commercial, educational and research purposes only.

Future Work


Main Researchers

caveGEOmap is the brainchild of UPRA's Mathematics professor José F. Candelaria Soberal Ph.D. (the Mathematician at the left) and Physics professor Ángel A. Acosta Colón (the Speleologist at the right). Work started in September, 2013 after Prof. Candelaria saw Prof. Acosta using a spreadsheets-software to create a map of Wind Cave with spatial data that he had gathered with his students. Having worked with spatial data before, Candelaria was keen to start working on the project and the first raw data representation was produced November 1st of that same year.

Undergraduate Student Collaborators


May - June

Elliot R. López Collazo

Yessebell Rios Correa

Génesis Velázquez Reyes

Gustavo Rivera Roca

Improvements on User Interface; Lable Handles; Coordinate Conversions.

August - December

Elliot R. López Collazo

Yessebell Rios Correa

User Interface and Label Inclusion




Lennel A. Camuy Vélez

Génesis Velázquez Reyes

Unification of Interpolated Cave Sections and Label Processing

August - December

Génesis Velázquez Reyes

Yesenia M. Rivera L ópez

Unification of Interpolated Cave Sections



Luis O. Vega Maisonet

Ashley Rodríguez Ocasioss

Raw Data Separation for Spatial Processing

August - December

Oscar Hermina

Delma Nieves

Cheylianie Rivera

Improvements on Coordinate Conversions



Kevin Rivera Maestre

First User Interface

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